AWESNA, INC. (AUP-PUC Alumni of Western North America) was originally organized as Adventist Mission Society of America (AMSA) under the leadership of Atty. John G. Tulio. The Articles of Incorporation was officially filed with the Secretary of State on September 27, 1989. This corporation is a religious corporation organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. In October 7, 1995, an Amended Articles of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State citing the fix address of the corporation in Glendale, California and enumerating the Members and the Board of Directors and their functions. 
In May 20,  2001,  an amendment was filed by then President and Secretary of AMSA, Honesto Pascual and Elenita Espiritu, respectively, with the Secretary of State to change Article I of the said Articles of Incorporation, naming the corporation AWESNA, INC. which was Approved and Endorsed by the Secretary of State on July 5, 2001. 

Board of Officers 2014-2016

Elmer E. Bangloy
Alberto L. Bagingito
Immediate Past President
Carmelita Laoyan
Vice President
Eppie Manalo
Ella Alcaide
Rene Donato
Edwin Araba

Chapter Presidents
Cris Genobaga
Las Vegas
Miguelito Fernando
La Sierra
Noli Poblacion
Central Valley
Ric Calla
Leticia Banaag
Marjorie Reyno
Loma Linda
Loida Miguel
Greater Los Angeles
Ephraim Roxas
Pacific Northwest
Emily Garcia
Greater Northern CA
Crisamar Anunciado
San Diego
Roger Rodriguez
Rachel Pedernal
Olive Macias
Young Alumni
Emily Garcia
Greater Northern CA
Crisamar Anunciado
San Diego

Standing Committees

Oscar Pablo- Finance & Projects, Plans & strategies,Community Center
Eppie Manalo & Leni Espiritu
Honors & Awards
Ernesto Banaag
Wilma Dauglash
Lita Laoyan & Harley Orzame
Community Affairs
Elmer Bangloy & Annie Madigan
Ruth Ranchez & Cres Pimentel
Guest Relations

Bangele Alsaybar, Jr.
History and Archive
Gladys Roman
Social Events
Roy Manangquil
Constitution & By-laws
Gorden Farinas
Alfonso P. Miguel, Jr. Administrative Adviser

Cris Anunciado, Edna Domingo & Gemma Banaag
Continuing Education

Vic Arreola III, Dale Barizo, Jose Manalo & Simeon Rosete
Spiritual Advisors